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In modern industrial production, ASM placement machines, as an important production equipment, play a key role. However, as time goes by, problems such as equipment repair, maintenance, debugging, and software and hardware updates have gradually surfaced. In order to solve these problems, our company has specially launched the ASM smt machine technical service fee, aiming to provide customers with comprehensive and professional services.


First of all, our services cover the repair, maintenance and debugging of ASM placement machine equipment. Whether equipment breaks down or requires routine maintenance, we have experienced technicians who can quickly locate the problem and provide a solution. At the same time, we can also debug the equipment to ensure its optimal performance.

Secondly, we also provide ASM pick and place machine program editing and modification services. According to the customer's needs, we can write a program for the placement machine that is suitable for its production process, and make necessary modifications to improve production efficiency and placement quality. Our technical staff have extensive experience and professional knowledge to ensure the stability and reliability of the program.

In addition to software and hardware services, we also provide technical training for ASM mounter. We understand that it is very important for customers to be proficient in the operation and maintenance knowledge of the placement machine. Therefore, we have specially designed a series of training courses covering the basic principles, operating skills and maintenance methods of the placement machine. Through our training, customers can improve the technical level of themselves and their teams and better deal with various problems during the use of the placement machine.

In addition, we are also committed to helping customers improve production efficiency. Through technical optimization and process improvement of ASM smt mouonter, we can provide personalized services to help customers improve production efficiency and placement quality. Our team has rich practical experience and professional knowledge and can develop the most suitable solutions based on customer needs and on-site conditions.


We are very flexible when it comes to service hours. We understand that each client's needs are unique, so we base our service hours on the client's specific circumstances. Whether temporary repairs or long-term cooperation are needed, we will make arrangements according to customer requirements to ensure that customers receive timely and efficient services.

In general, the ASM placement machine technical service fee is a comprehensive service launched by our company to meet the needs of customers. We provide a variety of services such as equipment repair, maintenance, debugging, program editing, modification, software and hardware, etc. We also provide technical training and efficiency improvement support. Whether it is solving equipment failures or improving production efficiency, we can provide customers with professional and reliable services. If you need technical support for ASM placement machines, we will be your best partner.

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