Siemens x4 placement machine parameters and price analysis, those who want to buy will understand after reading this article

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Siplace X4 placement machine is a high-end equipment

As an advanced automatic placement equipment, Siemens X4 placement machine is widely used in the electronics manufacturing industry due to its high efficiency and precise performance. It has impressive parameters and functions, such as high-speed placement capabilities and a multi-functional workbench that can handle multiple components at the same time. In addition, the X4 placement machine also has an intelligent automatic adjustment function, which can automatically adjust placement parameters according to component characteristics and process requirements, greatly improving production efficiency and accuracy. For these functional parameters, today I will share the parameter data and price of Siemens x4 placement machine, hoping to help friends who are buying.


First of all, let us understand the main parameters of the X4 placement machine

The X4 placement machine adopts the latest visual recognition and precise positioning technology, and has the characteristics of high speed, high precision and high stability. Its maximum placement speed can reach 160,000 CPH (number of placements per hour), and placement accuracy can reach ±0.03mm. This means that the X4 pick and place machine can quickly and accurately mount surface mount components onto the PCB board precisely, ensuring production efficiency and quality.

The X4 placement machine also has flexible placement capabilities. It can install SMD components of various sizes and types, including SMD components of common sizes such as 0603, 0805, and 1206, as well as components in packages such as BGA and QFN. At the same time, the X4 placement machine also supports double-sided placement and multiple placement methods to meet the requirements of different products.

In addition to the parameters of the Siemens X4 placement machine, the price is also the focus of our attention

Since the X4 placement machine is a high-end equipment, its price is relatively high. The specific price depends on factors such as configuration, options and market demand. Generally speaking, the price of an X4 placement machine is between hundreds of thousands to several million RMB. For some small and medium-sized enterprises, this may be a large investment. However, considering the high performance and high efficiency of the X4 placement machine, it can bring higher production efficiency and quality to the enterprise. In the long run, the investment of the X4 placement machine is very worthwhile.


Although the price of Siemens X4 placement machine is slightly higher, it can meet the installation requirements of different sizes and types of placement components in terms of efficiency and performance, and improve production efficiency and quality. Generally speaking, it is worth the money. In addition, when choosing to purchase the X4 placement machine, the enterprise should also consider the maintenance cost of the equipment. Although the X4 placement machine has high stability and reliability, it still needs regular maintenance and maintenance. This includes things like cleaning, replacement parts and software upgrades. Therefore, before purchasing the X4 placement machine, enterprises should fully understand the maintenance and maintenance requirements, and formulate corresponding budgets and plans.

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