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In the electronics manufacturing industry, the ASM placement machine is a key equipment that can efficiently and accurately place electronic components on the PCB board. However, long-term use and frequent operations may cause damage or failure of the placement machine accessories, which will cause troubles to the production line. In this case, timely repair and replacement parts are crucial. This article will focus on Xinling Industry, as an expert in the maintenance of ASM mounter accessories, to provide customers with professional and reliable solutions.

The importance and common faults of ASM placement machine accessories

The importance of ASM placement machine accessories

The performance and stability of ASM placement machines directly affect the efficiency and product quality of the entire electronic manufacturing process. The normal operation of accessories is the basis for ensuring the normal operation of the placement machine.

Common faults of ASM placement machine accessories

ASM placement machine accessories may fail due to long-term use, mechanical wear, electronic component failure and other reasons. Common failures include motor failure, sensor failure, cylinder damage, etc.


Parts maintenance service of Xinling Industry

1. Professional team: Xinling Industry has an experienced and skilled maintenance team. They have undergone strict training and professional certification, and have the ability to repair various ASM placement machine accessories.

2. Advanced equipment: Xinling Industry has invested a lot of funds and resources in spare parts maintenance, and has advanced maintenance equipment and tools. These devices can help technicians quickly and accurately diagnose and repair faults, improving maintenance efficiency.

3. Diversified accessories maintenance: Xinling Industry can repair various ASM placement machine accessories, including but not limited to motors, sensors, cylinders, sensors, etc. Whether it is mechanical failure or electronic component damage, Xinling Industry can provide professional solutions.

4. Supply of original parts: During the maintenance process, Xinling Industry will give priority to using original parts for replacement. This ensures the quality and compatibility of accessories, allowing restored placement machines to return to their original performance and stability.


Service advantages of Xinling Industry

1. Quick response: Xinling Industry understands that customers' production lines cannot be shut down due to failures, so they adhere to the concept of "time is money", and can respond to customers' maintenance needs in the shortest time and repair equipment as soon as possible.

2. Professional solutions: Xinling Industry provides tailor-made solutions for different failure situations. They will carefully analyze the cause of the failure, and provide a detailed report and repair plan, so that customers can understand the root cause and solution of the problem.

3. Good after-sales service: Xinling Industry pays attention to customer satisfaction and provides a full range of after-sales service. No matter during the repair process or after the repair is completed, Xinling Industry will maintain communication with customers to ensure the normal operation of the equipment and meet customer needs. If the customer is not satisfied with the repair result, Xinling Industry will provide free repair service until the customer is satisfied.

4. Competitive prices: Xinling aims to provide high-quality spare parts maintenance services, and also pays attention to price competitiveness. They will set a reasonable price based on the market price and workload to ensure that customers get value for money services

5. Professional team: Xinling Industry has an experienced and skilled maintenance team. After professional training and practice, they are familiar with the structure and working principle of various placement machines, and can quickly locate and repair faults.6. A large inventory of accessories: Xinling Industry has a large inventory of placement machine accessories, including accessories of various common brands and models. They have established stable cooperative relationships with multiple suppliers to ensure that they can obtain the required parts in a timely manner. This can greatly reduce repair time and increase customer satisfaction.


7. Customizable accessories service: In addition to the common inventory of placement machine accessories, Xinling Industry also provides customized accessories services. They can customize unique accessory solutions according to the specific needs of customers. This customized service can better meet customer requirements and improve equipment performance and reliability.

By increasing the inventory of spare parts and providing customized spare parts service, Xinling Industrial can better respond to the needs of customers and provide more comprehensive and flexible spare parts maintenance services. This will enhance their competitiveness in the market and win more customers' trust and support.

8. 24-hour maintenance class: In order to better meet the urgent needs of customers, Xinling Industry has established a 24-hour maintenance class. This professional team is composed of experienced maintenance technicians, who can deal with all kinds of urgent placement machine failures and problems at any time. Whether it is day or night, whether it is working day or weekend, customers can contact this maintenance team at any time to get timely help and support.

By setting up a 24-hour maintenance team, Xinling Industry can ensure that customers can receive fast and efficient maintenance services at any time. This will greatly reduce maintenance time, reduce production line downtime, and increase production efficiency and profits. At the same time, this also demonstrates that Xinling Industry attaches great importance to and commitment to customer needs, and enhances customers' trust and loyalty to them.


Xinling Industry has many years of experience and expertise in the field of placement machine parts maintenance. They have advanced equipment and tools, and provide a variety of accessories repair services. With the advantages of fast response, professional solutions, good after-sales service, competitive price and professional team, Xinling Industry provides customers with high-quality spare parts maintenance services.

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