ASM placement machine related knowledge introduction

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The ASM placement machine is composed of a pressing machine, a German automatic placement machine and a Japanese Matsushita Electric Works server. The main function of this product is: to package various chips and tapes of different shapes on the PCB board at a faster speed, and then blow them with a hot air gun until they are cured to achieve the goal of high-efficiency production. Based on this technology ASM series placement machines with other special functions and better cost performance are derived. The ASM placement machine adopts an independent motor and ball screw guide structure; it is equipped with a patented cylinder and slider sensor; the process enters a stable platform period. These three items all ensure the double improvement of output and quality, and thus greatly reduce the cost of inventory for customers and save the space of the factory. In addition, each time the mold is opened, the corresponding parameters will be adjusted according to the preset values.

ASM placement machine is widely used in the production of PCB boards in printed circuit boards, integrated circuits and other industries. It is suitable for multi-layer high-speed SMT production, especially for automatic welding; it can also be used in conjunction with other equipment (such as reflow ovens).

ASM placement machine accessories include: A/B line, controller, sensor and circuit board, connector, connector box, DP motor, BE component sensor, CPP slider, vacuum generator, camera, feeder, etc. Among them, the spindle motor is one of the key components of the ASM placement machine, which directly affects the performance of the entire equipment.

Precautions for use of ASM mounter motor:

1. The A/B line is divided into the drive module and the speed measurement module (including the optical eye displacement inspection device). The two can communicate with each other and self-calibrate in terms of power, so they are not easy to damage and easy to maintain;

2. The products corresponding to each model should choose the appropriate matching method (ie concentricity) according to the actual needs;

3. The copper core conductor treated by special process has extremely high oxidation resistance;

4. Fully enclosed structure, better heat dissipation.

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