How much do you know about the inside story of the CP20A DP motor of Siemens placement machine 03058627

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The SIPLACE X series has the modular function of cantilever, which can provide 4, 3 or 2 cantilever. To form a variety of placement equipment such as X4i /X4 /X3 /X2 to meet the different product needs of customers. Provide customers with top speed, lowest dpm, stable 0201 (metric) processing capacity, non-stop setting conversion and Fast new product introduction and other functions. No matter where the nominal value of the SIPLACE X series can reach the required maximum speed and absolute precision, in this process, the role of the DP motor can be called the protagonist of the soul, CP20A DP motor, the material number is 03058627, the market share is super high , due to its high-speed, high-precision placement performance, it has been favored by many customers, and it is called a money printing machine. It is also because all SMT factories operate 24 hours a day, and the loss of accessories is great. , so many DP motors in many factories will continue to expose some quality problems after 3 years of use, mainly including the following error reports: software disabled, bottom light barrier, vacuum error report, incorrect zero point, broken cable, patch deviation Shifting, zero pulse, etc. Many factories know that DP motors are expensive, so they will buy accessories by buying new machines at a discount, but the cycle will be as long as 4-6 months, which cannot solve the urgent needs of customers. Many domestic factories do not have spare parts The patch head and DP motor, once the machine stops due to failure, the factory will be at a loss.

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Siemens placement machine CP20A DP motor 03058627

Most domestic factories do not know that CP20A DP motors can be repaired if they are broken. The main reason is that there is no professional technical team in the market, and there is no professional instrument for testing CP20A DP motors, and there is no professional company that can provide OK accessories for customers. The machine does not stop, so the CP20A DP motors replaced by many factories are almost all scrapped in the warehouse, resulting in a large number of fixed assets of the factory being idle.

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Siemens SMT machine CP20ADP motor 03058627

Xinling Industry provides a one-stop solution for the sales and maintenance of ASM placement machine accessories. There are a large number of inventory accessories all year round, and the price advantage is great. When the customer's machine is down, it is recommended to find Xinling Industry. The chip machine industry has been deeply cultivated for more than 15 years, and there are many successful cases in the maintenance section. Every maintenance master is a leader in the industry. When there is a problem with the factory equipment, our professional engineers will solve it as quickly as possible. Arrive at the customer's site, so that your banknote printing machine can start working immediately. The company is committed to helping the majority of SMT factory customers who use ASM placement machines to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and increase profits. We always adhere to customer demand-oriented and insist on customer The service tenet of the supremacy of interests provides faster maintenance speed and delivery speed. We hereby introduce several HCS instruments and TX2 placement machines from Germany, and hire a first-class technical team to set up a 24-hour maintenance team. We only provide the factory with faster more satisfactory service.

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