Why the Used ASM placement machine more and more popular

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SMT machine is an essential equipment for SMT processing factory. Speaking of SMT machine, it may only be known by people in the smt industry, but all kinds of electronic motherboards we see in our daily life require placement machine for placement. , and finally through various processes such as welding and DIP, a fully functional PCBA motherboard can finally be made. In our daily life, we are currently in an electronic age, including the traditional fuel vehicle industry, so the smt industry is a Enduring industry.

The three essential parts of the smt industry include solder paste printers, placement machines, and reflow soldering. These three are necessary equipment for making a PCBA motherboard. Among these three major equipment, the placement machine is basically the most expensive, so it still requires a certain capital threshold to enter the smt industry, so why are second-hand placement machines becoming more and more popular? Below we tell you about it.

1. Limited funds

I just said that investing in a smt line requires a lot of money, so for those who have just entered smt or small businesses with limited funds, expensive new equipment must be unaffordable, then they will consider buying imported second-hand placement machines , The imported second-hand placement machines are all retired by major manufacturers, and the usual maintenance is also carried out on a regular basis, so the condition and condition are relatively good, and it is no problem to meet the basic placement needs.

2. Experience in buying used placement machines

As the saying goes: people who eat crabs for the first time are generally more powerful. If the owner of the chip processing factory has bought second-hand equipment, then he will continue to consider second-hand equipment, because he knows that second-hand chip mounters are cost-effective and meet daily needs. Save a lot of cash flow for the start-up of the company.

3. The delivery time for ordering a new machine is too long

Some big manufacturers usually only buy new equipment, but due to the impact of the epidemic in the past two years, the delivery time of the placement machine is generally 4-6 months, and some even take 1 year, but under the pressure of production delivery time, Big factories can only fall back and buy second-hand placement machines

4. Orders increase, and the approval process for purchasing new machines is super slow

Because the placement machine is expensive, and in some factories, the approval process is relatively slow, especially for large state-owned enterprises, it may take several months to approve it, but due to the production delivery time, it has to buy a second-hand placement machine. .

To sum up, second-hand ASM placement machines, especially TX/SX/XS/X4I models, will be favored by more and more customers, with high cost performance and short delivery time.

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