Talking about the placement speed and accuracy of the placement machine

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                                               How to control the placement speed and accuracy of the placement machine  

The placement machine is the absolute core equipment in the smt production line. When buying a placement machine, the placement processing factory often asks how the placement accuracy, placement speed and stability of the placement machine are?

Below are some frequently asked questions:


Mounter stability

The stability of the placement machine refers to the fact that the placement machine has a low failure rate in actual work, and will not often cause minor problems to stop the line and adjust the machine.

Mounter placement accuracy:

The placement accuracy of the placement machine is determined by the combination of positioning accuracy, repeatability and resolution

positioning accuracy:

Positioning accuracy refers to the deviation between the actual position of the component and the position of the component set in the file. For example, the coordinates of the components mounted by the placement machine are 1.1; then the positioning accuracy is the deviation between the actual placement value and the coordinates of the point.


Similar to the positioning accuracy, for example, the coordinate of the placement machine is 1.1, and the placement of this point is repeated many times. The deviation value of each time is the repeatability. Therefore, to check the placement accuracy of the placement machine, it is necessary to look at the repeatability. Accuracy, many of them will hit CPK before leaving the factory.



The resolution of the placement machine generally refers to the R-axis rotation resolution; the degree of R-axis per revolution is called the R-axis rotation resolution.

Placement speed

The placement speed is very easy to understand, that is, the placement efficiency of the placement machine. The placement machine is divided into high-speed machines and general-purpose machines (medium and low-speed machines, also known as multi-function machines). Of course, the placement speed is also divided into theoretical placement speed and The actual placement speed, the theoretical placement speed is the speed value obtained by each placement machine manufacturer by simulating placement, the actual placement is the actual production placement speed, and the actual placement and theoretical placement value will be different (due to the actual placement programming Due to differences in quality, component size and quality), using the same placement machine to paste different products will have different placement speeds, so the specific actual placement speed needs to be judged according to the actual production conditions


When buying a placement machine, everyone likes placement with high precision, fast speed, and good stability (convenient maintenance, easy operation, low failure rate, fast line transfer, etc.), but some industries have particularly high quality requirements and must choose placement Good quality (the placement accuracy ranks first), such as semiconductor, aviation, medical, automotive electronics, Apple products, industrial control, etc. These industries have great advantages in choosing ASM placement machines.

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