Precautions for handling and hoisting of ASM placement machine

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The placement machine is a high-tech product, and its size and weight are relatively large. When purchasing a placement machine, customers need to know the customer's workshop in advance. Because the customer's workshop is generally on a high floor, it is beneficial to know the customer's workshop in advance. Hoisting scheme, cost accounting, control of safety details.


Knowing the customer's workshop and site is conducive to safe operation. It is necessary to investigate the site in advance and grasp the situation on the ground, which helps to clarify the hoisting construction plan, which ensures safety, efficiency, and time-saving and labor-saving:


1. On-site conditions include (factory gate width, site openness, plant height) in order to determine the choice of vehicles, such as: how much hoisting truck and truck are needed: how high a hoisting truck needs to be prepared), etc.

2. The placement machine usually has high requirements on the environment. They are all dust-proof and anti-static workshops. After hoisting into the workshop, a special air cushion needs to be used for displacement, and at the same time, the ground can be protected;

3. It is very helpful to understand the customer's site through communication with the customer, get the correct factory data and photos, reduce the mistakes in the relocation and hoisting plan and budget, and save your own costs.

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