Must know these minefields when choosing second-hand Siemens placement machines

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         You must know these minefields when choosing second-hand Siemens placement machines, and it is recommended to collect them!

Did you know that when choosing a second-hand Siemens placement machine, many people have stepped on these minefields and regretted it! 

So, how do you differentiate these minefields, you know? 

The following Xiaobian from Xinling Industry will teach you what to pay attention to when choosing a second-hand Siemens placement machine?

What kind of placement machine do you use in your own factory? How to choose?


Pay attention to the following points when buying a second-hand placement machine, so you don't have to worry about the quality of the second-hand placement machine

How to identify the machine belongs to overseas equipment

1. Look at the running time:

Overseas placement machines have less running time. This is determined by the differences in the way foreigners and us work. As we all know, abroad is generally an 8-hour work system, with people moving and people stopping. Looking at the domestic market, it is generally turned on 24 hours a day. As soon as the machine stops, the production capacity stops.

2. Look at maintenance

Overseas placement machines generally pay more attention to maintenance, small maintenance every day, major maintenance every month, and deep maintenance every quarter. Therefore, if it is such a second-hand placement machine, it is very easy to buy it back.

It is worth noting that after refurbishment and maintenance (renovation is not the appearance of painting, but the replacement of internal precision parts and the precision adjustment test according to the new machine standard), the appearance of the second-hand placement machine will be the same as the new machine, and can guarantee more than 90% of the new machine Function, can be produced at full speed. The reliability and stability are comparable to the new machine, and the price is 1/2 less than the new machine.

3. Second-hand placement machine suppliers

Many friends will be very entangled after deciding to choose second-hand equipment. There are too many second-hand dealers in China. There is a lot of fish and dragons, and it is not easy to choose at all. It is often recommended by friends, but this is not very safe. Therefore, when choosing a supplier, you must have a general understanding of the brand and company.

Suggestion: Find a large-scale supplier. Whether it is equipment maintenance and renovation in the early stage, training in the mid-term, and service in the later stage, all of them are done in front of small companies. (You can inspect the suppliers and visit the customers they serve), some non-critical parts of the second-hand placement machine, such as machinery, generally have problems and the second-hand dealers are generally unable to repair


4. Is the machine recommended by the supplier suitable?

As soon as many people hear that the customer wants a 400,000 mounter, they immediately recommend a machine, and they don't know what the customer is doing and how big the pcb board is. This is very irresponsible. Customers buy machines to decide according to their product characteristics. Because there are too many second-hand placement machines on the market and the speeds are different, customers must make long-term considerations and planning before buying second-hand placement machines. Buy cheap machines.

5. Technical support services

It is cheaper not to include the service, but if there is a problem later, the loss is not only the time, but also the product capacity problem, and even the delivery time and the impression of the terminal brand, so large-scale companies can provide early technical support training And debugging, so that the entire line can be produced stably, our company has dozens of technical engineers of various types, providing early equipment debugging and training for the entire line, escorting your production, and meeting your different product production needs.

6. Supporting ability

Many manufacturers only sell a single device for the entire SMT line. Our company is a solution service provider for the entire line of smt equipment. All equipment can provide one-stop services, such as printing presses, SPI, placement machines, AOI, reflow soldering, SMT peripheral equipment and accessories for related equipment, etc. At the same time, our company has dozens of technical engineers of various types, providing early equipment debugging and training for the entire line, escorting your production, and meeting your different product production needs.

7. Field trips

In the current second-hand placement machine market, service providers are mixed, and a website pretends to be a big company and a big platform. However, it may be a small workshop with a few people, and there is no warehouse. Customers who want goods are made from the transfer of goods from their peers. It’s just a price difference. This kind of service provider needs a dike. Buying products and equipment is the last after-sales service. This is the guarantee of buying equipment. After all, buying a piece of equipment is not a thousand and two thousand things. It is not a one-time transaction, and the last thing that matters is the after-sales service that can be provided in the future.

Well, the above are the 7 precautions that Xinling shares with you on how to avoid buying a second-hand Siemens placement machine. It is really not easy to choose a favorite Siemens placement machine. You need to practice a pair of sharp eyes, or find a reliable supplier.

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