How to judge whether the Siemens placement machine is better to lease or buy,

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As we all know, the placement machine is the most critical and most valuable equipment in the entire line, and in terms of placement speed and placement quality, the placement machine has the most important impact on product yield. The cost of purchasing a placement machine is high, so when choosing a placement machine, many companies will choose a placement machine according to their own costs, such as new, leased or second-hand. However, it is not necessary for every company to purchase new placement machine equipment. Therefore, some companies choose to lease placement machines or purchase second-hand placement machine equipment to ensure production capacity.

Below, Xinling Industry will introduce to you from the following aspects whether to choose brand-new, leased or second-hand, hoping to give you some ideas! Xinling Industry also provides smt placement machine rental/supply/maintenance services for the majority of enterprises.


Siemens placement machine rental

There are the following aspects when choosing a lease

1. For new factories or new equipment, since a line starts at a minimum of one million, for the current SMD competition pressure, the company's working capital is occupied a lot, and direct purchase may be difficult to support, so you must choose first. Leasing equipment for production.

2. When the order is urgent and the order demand is unstable, sometimes the temporary order placed by the customer is relatively large, the current production capacity and equipment cannot keep up, and the order cannot be lasting and stable, then it is necessary to urgently lease the placement machine and equipment for production to provide production capacity .

3. Due to the epidemic, many placement machines and equipment are imported, but the current customs clearance of imports is slow, and the delivery time of the direct purchase cycle is very tight. In order not to affect production, it is necessary to choose rental equipment for emergency production.

Choose to buy in the following aspects

1. The company's orders are stable and long-lasting, and the company's orders are stable and long-lasting. The company has working capital to guarantee it. It needs to purchase and increase the line body to meet the production capacity, and at the same time, it can also allow customers to release orders for production with confidence.

2. End customers require the production of specified equipment. Because of confidentiality or product reliability and stability, some customers will specify and require certain processing plants to select certain brands and certain types of equipment for processing, otherwise the order will not be issued. Do, then in order to get the customer, the company can only choose to follow the customer's request to purchase equipment for production.

3. For some large enterprises. Constant replacement of equipment is required to meet the requirements of large terminal brands. At the same time, due to the stable processing orders, there is processing profit, if the order is not bad. Then you can expand your equipment for production by planning your product line in advance.

4. For investment promotion projects in mainland China, some SMD processing plants will be selected for investment in mainland China, and equipment must be purchased to proceed. Because it is an investment attraction project, equipment must be purchased, and then equipment evaluation can be carried out to provide appropriate subsidies.


Siemens placement machine supply

The above is some analysis of Xinling Industry on whether to buy or lease a placement machine. I believe that everyone has their own considerations in their hearts, and I hope to help everyone make the most appropriate judgment. Xinling Industry is a one-stop service provider specializing in the rental/supply/repair of Siemens placement machines. If you need to rent or buy a placement machine, please consult us!

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