ASMPT Siemens placement machine XS series features introduction

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As the leader in productivity efficiency among ASM placement machines, XS series has stable and efficient placement performance like other mainstream high-speed models (TX, SX1/2), making it widely favored by users. As a fighter in a high-speed placement machine, X4/4i S is not only the best in terms of placement rate, but also extremely reasonable and user-friendly in structure and software. Here comes the ultimate experience. Today I will take you to unlock a few details of the XS chip mounter that you may not have noticed. Next, we will share the mounting parameters and equipment characteristics of XS.

Before sharing, let's have an understanding of the junction and placement parameters of the placement machine: as shown in the figure below.


You can freely match the cantilever configuration according to their own product needs. Features of XS Chip Mounter:

1. Highest placement performance


With the new generation CP20P2 placement head, when 20 nozzles are used at the same time, the productivity output can be maximized.

The placement speed of each placement head is up to 43000cp/h. Note that the CP20 P2 head handles components up to a height of 4mm. At the same time, the CP20 P2 patch head has several more notable features:

1) The connection parts of the Star axis (03131704), data transmission and power supply are all non-contact structures, and there is almost no friction during the rotation process, which maximizes the rotation speed of the Star motor.

2) The Z motor (03129293) uses a linear motor with the best speed, accuracy and acceleration - to ensure the high precision and high response of the upper and lower placement process.

3) The new second-generation vacuum generator (03132795) bids farewell to the previous piston rod control method. The modular design makes the vacuum generator have a lower failure rate, smoother control and faster response speed - maintenance is more difficult than before The generation generator is cumbersome.

The track adopts flexible double track to meet the best throughput of PCB in and out. Board-in-patch-out-board is carried out at the same time, and there is no waiting time for the same device and the same patch area, so as to ensure the maximum throughput of the device. PCB quantity.

Note: The universal head CPP, IC head TH will not be introduced in detail here. The previous control method is still used.

2. Best placement quality


In order to ensure the best placement quality, ASM has introduced a high-precision and high-response digital vision system (gigabit data transmission channel GigE vision system) to detect and compensate the visual center and material direction of each material. Moreover, this detection process is realized by detecting and correcting while picking up, and the detection and correction are completed after all materials are picked up. The entire process does not waste time, thereby maximizing output.

In addition, the component sensor is used to compare the height of each component before and after picking up and placing it to ensure the reliability of the pickup/placement of each material. Each component is independently imaged by the component camera, and the software automatically learns to compensate for deviations through visual feedback, so that no defective material will be missed and mounted on the PCB.

3. Intelligent features

1) Automatically identify the nozzle model in the nozzle changer through the PCB camera

2) Automatically detect whether the nozzle is dirty through a high-resolution component camera

3) Automatically learn the feeding distance of the feeder through the PCB camera

4) After the PCB camera fails to recognize the reference point of the PCB board for the first time, it will automatically expand the recognition area of the reference point.

5) By monitoring the current feedback of the Z motor during placement, it is converted into placement pressure to detect whether the PCB is deformed, automatically optimize the placement pressure and optimize the placement process.

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