ODD Form insert machine for PCB production line

Product DescriptionSYC400 ODD Form insert machine Details1. The equipment can improve the accuracyth

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Product Description

SYC400 ODD Form insert machine 

 The equipment can improve the accuracy

therough avariety of precision algorithms
and intelligent correctionof error of
production data analysis equipment.

2. Through the standard CPK program,the

accuracyproof process,the CPK test resut is
above 1.0.

3. Multipe AlgorithmForldentification of Odd form Components

4. The results of corrective analysis through

multiplerecognition components.

PCB Parameters
Insertion speed0.6S/PCS
Insertion number 4
Fastest plugin speed0.4PCS/S
Insertion accuracy±0.02mm
Component size
Component height3mm-40mm
Insertion direction 0-360°
PCB sizeMax420mm*450mm
PCB thickness0.8-5.0mm
PCB weigthMMax 5kg
Performance Parameters
Transport rails Three section monorail
Feed directionleft to right/right to left
Rail height900mm±20
Machine dimension (W*D*H)1300mm*1600mm*1600mm
Machine weight1600Kg
Power supply220V AC (single phase)/50HZ
Apparent power3.0KW
Operation air pressure0.5±0.1Mpa

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