Full Automatic ASM TX Chip Mounter for PCB Prototype and SMT Assembly

Product DescriptionSMT Siplace TX Pick and Place Machine Brief: SMD, SMT Chip MounterDetails1. High mounting accuracy, mounting accuracy: 25 µm @ 3 sigma2. SIPLACE TX can maintain high-speed and high-

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Product Description

SMT Siplace TX Pick and Place Machine 

Brief: SMD, SMT Chip Mounter
1. High mounting accuracy, mounting accuracy: 25 µm @ 3 sigma
2. SIPLACE TX can maintain high-speed and high-precision mounting for a long time, with high equipment stability.
3. The world's only mounting head that can be switched on demand. It can freely switch the collection mounting, pick mounting and mixed mounting modes
4. Small floor area, only 2.3 square meters, high-speed mounting, up to 78000 CPH
5. Standard dual track transmission system, which can transmit synchronously or asynchronously, is very flexible and easy to use
6. The most advanced Feida feeding system, no feeding belt feeding Feida, intelligent feeder, caused a sensation in the industry

7. High resolution imaging system to ensure maximum process

ModelSiplace TX2
PCB Specifications
Gantries2 pcs
PCB format45 x 45 mm - 375 x 260 mm
PCB thickness0.3×4.5mm
PCB weightApprox 2.0 kg
IPC Capability
Benchmark value
Theoretical value
Mounting AccuracyPlacement accuracy ± 40 μm / 3σ (C&P)
Angular accuracy :± 0.4° / 3σ (C&P)
Conveyor typeSingle lane, Flexible dual lane
Conveyor modeAsynchronous - Synchronous
Component Spectrum01005 - 50 x 40 mm 
Mounting head characteristicsSIPLACE MultiStar
Maximum conveyor slot80 8mm x feeder positions
Max Component height11.5 mm
External imensions1.0 x 2.3 x 1.45* m
WeightApprox 1000kgs

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