Used FUJI SMT Pick and Place Machine Supply: Nxt-M3111, Nxt-M6111

Product DescriptionFUJI NXT 6111 PCB SMT Pick and Place Machine Brief: SMD, SMT Chip MounterDetails1. High compatibility2. Improved operability3. Through the high-speed XY manipulator and belt feeder

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Product Description

FUJI NXT 6111 PCB SMT Pick and Place Machine 

Brief: SMD, SMT Chip Mounter

1. High compatibility
2. Improved operability
3. Through the high-speed XY manipulator and belt feeder and the use of the newly developed camera "fixed on the fly camera"
4. After using the new high-speed working head "H24 working head", the component mounting capacity of each module is up to 35000 CPH*
5. ±25 μm placement support option. (Under conditions specified by Panasonic)
6. The 03015/0402 mm chip requires a specific nozzle/feeder.

7. Support for 03015 mm chip placement is optional. (Under conditions specified by Panasonic : Placement accuracy ±25 μm / chip)

PCB Specifications
Mounting Capabilitysingle lane: L610×W510mm to L48×W48mm
dual lane: L610×W280mm to L48×W48mm
Placements headsH24S.H24A.DX*1. V12, H12HS(Q)
H04SF,H04 HO0F, H01, OF*1. G04F(Q), GL
ThroughoutH24S/H24A    35.000cph
H24S/H24A   42.000cph
H08M   13.000cph
H08M   14.000cph
H02F   6.700cph
H02F   7.400cph
Placing AccuracyH24S/H24A: standard mode +/-0.025mm Cphk1.00
H24S/H24A: +/-0.025mm Cphk1.00
HO8M+/-0.040mm Cphk1.00
HO2F+/-0.025mm Cphk1.00

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