Professional PCB Reflow Oven Soldering Machine Xlin-850

Product DescriptionReflow Oven Soldering Machine Xlin-850Details1, The length of the heating zone in the 8 temperature zone (3121mm) can correspond to the highest required lead-free process.2, With ai

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Product Description

Reflow Oven Soldering Machine Xlin-850

1, The length of the heating zone in the 8 temperature zone (3121mm) can correspond to the highest required lead-free process.

2, With air cooled, PCB (PC motherboard) on the outlet temperature of 70 ℃ or less.

3, Independent temperature control area are available on the computer shut down, when the temperature range of the lower wind and heat all closed, but the pros and cons of the PCB to produce maximum temperature difference (temperature difference value varied depending on the size of PCB thickness material, DVD about 40 ℃).

4, Imported high-temperature long-shaft motor with a speed of 2800rpm.The stepless speed regulation of hot air motor with 0 to 3000 rotation can be carried out by using frequency conversion technology.

5, Five years of replacement.The coil heater transfers the heat directly to the heating medium - air, avoiding the disadvantage of bar or plate heater lag.

6, Computerized control of oil filling, the user can set the cycle and drip time (in the equipment control software: fine, standard and economic three optional automatic drip mode, and the software is marked with a manual drip control button.Provide better lubrication for the transport chain).

7, The upper furnace body is also equipped with two potential safety support poles to protect the life safety of operators.

Machine parameters
WeightApprox 2300kgs
Number of heating zonetop 8/bottom 8
Length of heating zone3110mm
Number of cooling zone2
Rectifying plate structureGalvanized punching sheet
Exhaust volume requiement10m³/min*2(Exhausts)
ColorComputer grey
Control system
Power supply requiement3P  380V 50/60HZ(3P 220V 50/60HZ
Total power64 KW
Initial power30 KW
Normal power consumption10 KW
Heating timeApprox:30min
Temperature control rangeRoom Temperature -300ºC
Temperature control methodPID close loop control + SSR driving
Hot-are blowerOne frequency converter per length
Temperature deviation on PCB±1.5ºC(by RM board test standard)
Parameter storageCan store unlimited set parameters
Abnormal alarmhigh or low temperature alarm
Conveyor system
Guide rail structureIntegral block type
Chain structureSingle chain anti - card slip chain
Max width of PCB400mm(option:460mm) dual-rail 300mm*2
Range of rail width50-400mm(option:50-460mm) dual-rail 300mm*2
Component heightTop 25/Bottom 25mm
Conveyor directionLeft-right (right-left)
Fixed mode of transport guide railFront fixation (optional back fixation)
Belt height900±20MM
The mode of transportationbelt + chain
Conveyor speed300-1500mm/min
Auto-lubricationAutomatic or manual refueling mode
Cooling system
Cooling methodForced air cooling

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