Used Jt Professional PCB Reflow Oven Soldering Machine Tea-1000d

Product DescriptionUsed JT Reflow Oven X8-Tea-1000DDetailsLow nitrogen consumption, 300-800ppmNitrogen closed-loop control system is optionalThe fully enclosed design is adopted in the furnace to effe

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Product Description

Used JT Reflow Oven X8-Tea-1000D

Low nitrogen consumption, 300-800ppm
Nitrogen closed-loop control system is optional
The fully enclosed design is adopted in the furnace to effectively reduce the loss of oxygen and nitrogen gas, and the minimum oxygen content can be reduced to 150ppm.
The improvement of 15% heat transfer efficiency can calmly meet the lead-free process requirements of large welding quality

The track adopts special hardening treatment which is durable

Machine parameters
WeightApprox 2955kgs
Number of heating zonetop 10/bottom 10
Length of heating zone3895mm
Number of cooling zonetop 3/bottom 3
Rectifying plate structureSmall circulation
Exhaust volume requiement10m³/min*2(Exhausts)
ColorComputer grey
Control system
Power supply requiement3 phase ,380v 50/60HZ(Option:3 phase ,220v 50/60HZ
Total power83 KW
Startup power38 KW
Normal power consumption11 KW
Warming timeApprox:20min
Temperature control rangeRoom Temperature -300ºC
Temperature control methodPID close loop control + SSR driving
Temperature control precision±1ºC
Temperature deviation on PCB±1.5ºC(by RM board test standard)
Data storageProcess data and status storage
Abnormal alarmAbnormal temperature(extra-high/extra low temperature after constant temperature)
Board dropped alarmSingal light(yellow-warning;green normal;red -Abnormal
Conveyor system
Rails structureOverall sectional type
Chain structureDouble buckle for preventing board jammed
Max width of PCB400mm(option:460mm) dual-rail 300mm*2
Range of rail width50-400mm(option:50-460mm) dual-rail 300mm*2
Component heightTop 30/Bottom 30mm
Conveyor directionL→R(option:R→L)
Conveyor rail fixed typeFront rail fixed(option: Rear rail fixed)
PCB conveyor directionAir-reflow=chain+mesh(N2-reflow=chain option:mesh)
Conveyor height900±20mm
Conveyor speed300-2000mm/min
Auto-lubricationMulti-lubricating mode can be chosen
Cooling system
Cooling methodFirced air Water chiller

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