High Precision Full-Automatic PCBA SMT Solder Paste Printer

Product DescriptionAutomatic PCB Screen Printing MachineDetails1. Steel mesh detection function2. Automatic dispensing system3. Bottle type automatic tin feeding and solder paste detection function4.

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Product Description

Automatic PCB Screen Printing Machine

 Steel mesh detection function
2. Automatic dispensing system
3. Bottle type automatic tin feeding and solder paste detection function
4. SPI Online
5. Leading industry 4.0 compatibility

6. BTB provides greater flexibility for the user's production line configuration

Automatic Production LineAssembly
PCB Board Size400×030mm
Board Thickness0.6 - 3.2mm, 24 - 126mils
Board Warp+/-2mm, 80mils
PCB ClearanceTop: 40mm, 1.57in. Bottom: 40mm, 1.57in
Rotated  Component SupportAvailable for 0 - 359°rotation (unit of 1°)
Inspection CategoriesPresence/Absence, Misalignment, Tombstone, Reverse, Polarity, Bridge, Foreign material, Absence of solder, Insufficient solder, Lifted lead, Lifted Chip, and Fillet defect. Each defect name can be changed freely by system function.
Tact Time*1 *2Single Lane Approx. 10sec (250x330mm 1 PCB)
Dual Lane Approx. 16sec (250x330mm 2 PCB)
Image Scanning Time*1Approx. 5.5sec. (250x330mm)
Camera (Image Processing)Line color CCD camera
LightingLED lighting system
Transfer Conveyor MethodFlat belt  transfer
Transfer Conveyor Height900+/-20mm, 36+/-0.8in
Transfer Conveyor Width AdjustmentManual
Operating SystemWindows XP English Version
Optional SystemBF-Editor / BF-RP1 / BF-Monitor / BF-View
Optional2D Barcode Recognition, Journal Printer, Automatic Transfer Conveyor Width Adjustment
Electric Power RequirementSingle Phase ~100 - 120V / 200 - 240V +/-10%, 50/60Hz, 800VA
Air Requirement0.5MPa, 5L/min (ANR), 73PSI, 0.18CFM
Usage Environment15°C(59F) - 30°C(86F) / 15 - 80% RH
Noise Level53.3dB
Dimensions*3 W x D x H1360 × 1180 × 1371mm,
WeightApprox. 400kg, 962lbs

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