What should you do if the Mark point detection of Siemens placement machine fails?

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The mark point of the smt placement machine represents the reference point for positioning when the chip mounter performs placement. Therefore, the positioning of the smt chip mounter mark points is very important. Each PCB board can have as few as dozens, as many as hundreds or thousands of electronic components. It needs to be mounted. If one mark point is wrong, it will cause all the marks to be placed wrong, which will directly affect the efficiency and production capacity of the patch. Below, the editor of Xinling Industry will tell you the reasons why the mark point detection of smt equipment fails and the Solution,_MG_3905

Siemens placement machine

1. The PCB board is not in place

Solution: Adjust the sensor signal, check the distance of the reflector, and adjust the position of the sensor.

2. There are stains on the MARK point

Solution: Clean the mark point position;

3.Mark point deformation

Solution: Reset the mark point coordinates and confirm to start.

4. Camera brightness is high or low

Solution: When the camera brightness is too high or too low, the camera parameters should be adjusted to adjust the brightness and contrast to reach the standard state;


Siemens SMT No. 23 component camera 03105195

5. The image recognition system is damaged

Solution: Replace the board and check whether the recognition system is damaged. If so, replace it. If not, restart and set relevant parameters.

The above are the common reasons and solutions for the failure of the mark point detection of the chip placement machine introduced by the editor of Xinling Industry. If other factories have better solutions, you are welcome to communicate and contribute.

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