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Partnertec invests in latest laser cut technology for stencil fabrication

Views:125Update time:2022-08-10

Partnertec has recently invested in the latest state of the art laser cutting machine from LPKF. 

This investment allows us to continue our strong growth in stencil production and further expand our technical capabilities. 

The recently installed high speed and high yield LPKF production machine  is not only extremely accurate (±2µm) but is also capable of locally applying different thicknesses to a stencil by means of nitrogen laser welding, also known as Step Stencil Technology. 

This high-end LPKF Stencillaser system sets new benchmarks in many dimensions:

Extremely small openings (down to 30 micron) of the highest quality enable new stencil applications. 

Stencil manufacturing with the highest precision from stainless steel sheets ranging from 50µm thickness (or beyond) up to 1000µm. 



Fast change-over between jobs 

Handeling frames stencils up to 1800mm x 740mm 

Handeling framesless foils up to 850x650mm 

Nitrogen Laser Welding, for step-up technology ( to apply more Solder Paster locally) 


From our new location in Eindhoven we can now supply Stencils more flexible, faster and above all,  with even higher quality for any application and demand in our industry. For more information please contact us.

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