Auto SMT Conveyor for PCB Prototype and SMT Assembly

Product DescriptionAuto SMT Conveyor for PCB Prototype and SMT AssemblyDetailsDual Lane Economic Vertical BufferMulti Function Magazine BufferVertical BufferMulti Function Vertical BufferModular Mater

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Product Description

Auto SMT Conveyor for PCB Prototype and SMT Assembly


  • Dual Lane Economic Vertical Buffer

  • Multi Function Magazine Buffer

  • Vertical Buffer

  • Multi Function Vertical Buffer

Modular Material PCB Handling Conveyors from Xlin industrial are ergonomic, 

customized to your exacting requirements and are easy to integrate into your printed circuit assembly systems. 

Solvent flash off conveyors, inspection stations, buffers, accumulators, loaders and unloaders, shuttles, inverters, gates, turn units, 

manual assembly conveyors and workstations are available as standard and customized products and can be equipped to fit special requirements.

Machine outline dimension500(L)*665(W)*920(H)
Circuit board size (mm)50 * 50 ~ 460 * 350
Working height (mm)900 ± 20 (STD)
Power supply and powerAC 220V / 50 / 60Hz
Transmission speed1-12m / min
Track fixed edge(front fixed, optional rear fixed)
Conveyor type4mm Flat Belt
SensorOmron D61

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