wanna know what the future of placement machines is like?

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1: Dual track structure:

The development of the efficient two-way conveying structure of the SMT placement machine improves production efficiency; on the basis of retaining the performance of the traditional single-channel placement machine, the PCB transportation, positioning, inspection, repair, etc. are designed into a two-way structure, and the PCB is assembled. The gradual increase has also resulted in the placement of the machine to cope with the increase in size to reduce the effective working time and improve the production efficiency of the machine.


2: High-speed, high-precision, multi-function

The new placement machine has been striving to develop towards high speed and high performance, and has done well in the direction of high precision and multi-function. With the continuous development of surface mount components, the requirements for new packages such as BGA, FC, CSP, QFP are getting higher and higher. Smart controls have been introduced in the new placement machines that maintain high throughput with lower error rates, which not only increases the efficiency of IC mounting but also ensures greater precision.

3: Multiple cantilevers, multiple placement heads, multiple feeding stations

The number of placement heads and the number of feeding stations have increased compared with the previous trend, and the types of surface mount components have increased relatively. For this reason, the development direction of the placement machine is the combination of multi-cantilever machine tools and turret machine tools.


4: Modular

The module machine has different functions, according to the installation requirements of different components, according to different precision and placement capacity to achieve higher efficiency. When the order increases, new functional module machines can be added as needed. To meet future flexible production needs, the modular structure of this machine is very popular among customers. The TX series placement machine is the representative of the modular equipment. The integrated control system controls the placement machine through MGCU, PC BOX, etc. Work head, instead of the previous axis control box and servo box, so that the equipment is easier to judge and repair in the event of failure, the machine has less downtime, and the operation efficiency will be higher.

5: Automatic programming

The new visualization software tool has an automatic "learning" capability, so instead of manually entering parameters into the system, engineers simply bring the device to the vision camera, then take a picture, and the system automatically generates a comprehensive CAD-like description. This technology improves the accuracy of device descriptions and reduces many operator manual input errors.

6:Accessories development direction

The placement machine is equipped with a dedusting and destaticizing device, the Feeder is maintenance-free and maintenance-free, and the electrostatic deactivating automatic feeding function is provided. And digital display, etc.


7: pick and place machine 

When buying a placement machine, everyone likes the placement of high precision, fast speed, and good stability (convenient maintenance, easy operation, low failure rate, fast line transfer, etc.), especially some industries have particularly high quality requirements and must Choose good placement quality (placement accuracy and speed are ranked first), such as semiconductors, aviation, medical, automotive electronics, Apple products, industrial control, etc. These industries have great advantages in choosing ASM placement machines.

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