ASM placement machine-Siemens placement machine specifications and models SIPLACE X3S technical parameters

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ASM SMT mounter X series placement machine (Siements placement machine)

x3s  600  490

Siements placement machine SIPLACE X3S

1. Machine characteristics: SIPLACE X3 S

2. Number of cantilevers: 3

3.IPC speed: 78,100cph

4. SIPLACE benchmark evaluation: 94,500cph

5. Theoretical speed: 127,875cph

6. Machine size: 1.9x2.3m

7. Mounting head characteristics: MultiStar

8. Component range: 01005-50x40mm

9. Mounting accuracy: ±41μm/3σ(C&P) ±34μm/3σ(P&P)

10. Angular accuracy: ±0,4°/3σ(C&P) ±0,2°/3σ(P&P)

11. Maximum component height: 11.5mm

12. Mounting force: 1,0-10 Newtons

13. Conveyor belt type: single track, flexible double track

14. Conveyor mode: asynchronous, synchronous

15. PCB format: 50x50mm-850x560mm

16, PCB thickness: 0,3-4,5mm (other sizes can be customized according to requirements)

17. PCB weight: maximum 3kg

18. Component supply and material supply

19. Feeder capacity: 160 8mmX feeder modules

20. Feeder module type:

SIPLACE component trolley, SIPLACE matrix tray feeder (MTC), waffle tray (WPC5/WPC6),

JTF-S/JTF-MSIPLACE, X Feeder, Tray, Vibrating Tube, Vibrating Feeder, Customized OEM Feeder Module

21, Pickup rate: ≥99,95%

22, DPM rate: ≤3dpm

23. Lighting level: 6 levels of illumination

24. Note: Machine size is only for the main body of the equipment.

PCB Format: Extended I/O rails allow board lengths up to 850 mm

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