The same order, the same smt placement machine, why does it take others three days to finish it, but it takes you half a month?

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In the current era when efficiency is crucial, there are still many asm smt equipment factories whose efficiency is not up to standard or is losing money. To solve this problem, we interviewed an engineer and learned about some optimization methods.


The engineer pointed out that many SMT placement machine factories only focus on the optimization of production capacity planning, Smt placement machine equipment and personnel skills training, but ignore the optimization of the production process. Especially in the line change process, standardizing line change operations and rationally utilizing limited resources can greatly save line change time and reduce human abnormalities.

During the line conversion process, the engineer mentioned a detail, that is, configuring a feeder truck or TABLE. In small-batch sample patch processing plants, the frequency of line transfers is high. Optimizing this step can significantly improve production efficiency. Engineers demonstrated three methods of changing lines.

The first is online material preparation, that is, the material is prepared on the feeder after the machine is shut down. This method is less efficient and takes about 2 hours.

The second is offline material preparation. Quick line change can be achieved by configuring TABLE. Just push the TABLE and change the preparation. It only takes 15 minutes, which is 8 times faster than online preparation.

If conditions do not allow the use of TABLE, engineers recommend considering configuring a feeder truck. Although the material truck needs to be manually transported, the time for line changeover can be reduced by half compared with ordinary line changeover.


Engineers emphasized that the longer the line changeover takes, the higher the time cost and the higher the labor cost, which may increase the probability of human error. Therefore, it is recommended that the SMT factory has a spare TABLE in each area of each line, or at least one spare trolley. This can effectively improve the efficiency of line change and reduce production costs and the risk of human errors.

The engineer said that if readers have a better method, please leave a message in the comment area. At the same time, if you want to know other ways to improve efficiency, you are welcome to put them forward in the comment area. In an era when efficiency is crucial, optimizing production processes and line change operations is an important way for SMT chip factories to improve efficiency. By paying attention to details and rationally utilizing resources, factories can shorten production cycles, improve efficiency, and achieve better economic benefits under the same order and asm placement machine conditions.

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