How to buy a Siemens placement machine at the most suitable price?

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With the development of the domestic chip placement machine industry, domestic chip placement machine technology is becoming more and more mature. If there are many types of components to be pasted, the components are small, and the requirements are very high, you can choose an imported big-name placement machine, but the price is relatively expensive. If the requirements for the board to be pasted are not very high, you can choose a domestic smt placement machine and buy it from a placement machine manufacturer, and the price will be much more affordable. There are many asm placement machine manufacturers, how should you choose? Xinling Industrial will analyze it for everyone today.

ASM placement machine

First, choose a SMT manufacturer that has been in the industry for a long time. The main person in charge has a relatively deep qualification in the SMT industry and everyone has feelings. The longer you stay in the industry, the deeper your feelings for this industry will be, and the more opportunities you will have for this kind of placement. Assure.

Second, look at the reputation and sales of the chip mounter. You can ask your industry friends about this. A product with relatively high sales volume and good reputation must be of good quality.

Third, choose the asm placement machine specifications that suit you. Such as LED placement machines, display placement machines, lens placement machines, copper wire lamp placement machines, fully automatic placement machines, and general-purpose placement machines. According to different market demands, manufacturing corresponding chip placement machines will greatly increase production capacity.

Fourth, look at the quality of the asm smt placement machine. Go to the smt placement machine manufacturer to actually place the placement on site to see the actual accuracy and speed, and ask about the brand of the core components.

Fifth, look at the after-sales service. The asmpt smt placement machine runs at least 8 hours a day. Some processing companies work in two shifts. The stm placement machine does not stop for 24 hours and runs at high speed for a long time. No matter what kind of placement machine, there will be some problems and need to be repaired. It is very necessary to choose a company with prompt after-sales service and sufficient after-sales personnel.

Xinling Industrial has been deeply involved in the ASM chip placement machine industry for more than ten years, specializing in the supply and maintenance of ASM chip placement machine accessories. There are various series of new/second-hand placement machine models available for rent, sale and repair. All types of patch heads and accessories are available as spares and can be replaced and repaired so that your equipment never shuts down. Our company provides 24-hour day and night shift extremely fast maintenance services, with more favorable prices and faster repair speeds.

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