How to improve the production efficiency of SMT machine in a minute

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In the SMT production line, the most concerned issue of smt chip processing factory owners is how to control production costs and improve production efficiency. This involves the issue of the throwing rate of the placement machine. The high throwing rate of the SMT placement machine seriously affects the SMT production efficiency. If it is within the range of the normal value, it is a normal problem. If the proportion of the throwing rate is relatively high, then there is a problem. Then the production line engineer or operator should immediately stop the line to check the reason for the throwing to avoid Waste electronic material and affect productivity:

1. The problem of the electronic material itself

If the electronic material itself is ignored in the PMC inspection, and the electronic material is used in the production line, it may lead to an increase in the throwing material, because some electronic materials may be squeezed and deformed during transportation or handling, or when they leave the factory. There is a problem with the electronic material due to production reasons, then this needs to be solved in coordination with the electronic material supplier, and new materials are issued and inspected before they are used in the production line. 

2. The position of the feeder material is wrong

Some production lines work in two shifts, and some operators may be fatigued or negligent and cause the feeder to be in the wrong position. Then the smt machine will throw a large amount of material and alarm. At this time, the operator needs to check quickly and replace the feeder. material station.


3. Reasons for the position of the smt machine

The placement of the smt machine relies on the suction nozzle on the placement head to sequentially pick up the corresponding materials for placement. Some materials are thrown because the material is not at the position of the suction nozzle or does not reach the suction height due to the trolley or the feeder. The placement machine will fake suction and fake placement, and there will be a lot of empty pastes. In this case, it is necessary to perform feeder calibration or adjust the suction height of the suction nozzle.

4. Pick and place machine nozzle problem

Some smt machines operate efficiently and quickly for a long time, and the suction nozzles will be worn, causing the material to be absorbed and dropped or not picked up in the middle, and a large amount of material will be thrown. In this case, the smt machine needs to be maintained in time. Change the nozzle frequently.


5. The negative pressure problem of the smt machine

The smt machine can absorb and mount components, mainly relying on the internal vacuum to generate negative pressure to absorb and mount. If the vacuum pump or air pipe is damaged or blocked, the air pressure value will be too small or insufficient, so that the components cannot be absorbed. Or fall off during the movement of the placement head, in this case, the throwing material will also increase, and in this case, the air pipe or vacuum pump needs to be replaced.

6. The image visual recognition error of the smt machine

The smt machine can mount the specified component to the specified pad position, mainly due to the visual recognition system of the smt machine. The machine algorithm mounts the components on the designated PCB pads. If there is dust or dust in the vision, or is damaged, there will be a recognition error, which will cause the material to be picked up incorrectly, resulting in increased material throwing. In this case, the vision needs to be replaced. recognition system.

To sum up, there are several common reasons for the throwing of the ASM smt machine. If the throwing of your factory increases, you need to check accordingly to find the root cause. You can ask the on-site personnel first, through description, and then directly find the problem based on observation and analysis, so that the problem can be found and solved more effectively, and the production efficiency can be improved at the same time.

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