Used Jutze Automatic Optical Inspection/Aoi Machine for PCB SMT Assembly

Product DescriptionJutze L1-5000 For PCB SMT AssemblyDetails1. It is applicable to multiple detection and control posts of SMT/DIP,2. Its image acquisition, motion control and software analysis algori

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Product Description

Jutze L1-5000 For PCB SMT Assembly

It is applicable to multiple detection and control posts of SMT/DIP,
2. Its image acquisition, motion control and software analysis algorithms are tailored for the electronic assembly process,
3. The image quality is stable and reliable,

4. the detection results are accurate and efficient, many defective products covering solder joint defects, solder paste printing, part defects, assembly errors and other circuit boards are accurately detected to help you explore the market, improve efficiency Cost reduction.

ModelJUTZE LI-5000
PCB Specifications
Max. PCB size(X*Y)460mmx510mm
Min. PCB size(X*Y)50mm - 70mm
PCB Thickness0.6mm - 6mm
Board edge gapTop: 30mm, 1.47in. Bottom: 80mm, 1.67in
Max.bottom gap50mm gap35mm
Minimum Component Inspection0201(Imperial),0.3mm Pitch
Delivery speed1500mm/s(MAX)
Transmission height from the ground900±30mm
Transmission lane directionLeft-Right,Right-Left,Left-Left,Right-Right
Transmission methodOne stage lane
PCB clamping methodEdge locking substrate clamping
Image parameters
CameraGigE Vision (Gigabit network interface), Resolution: 2448 x 2048(500 Mega Pixels)
FOV36 7mm x 30 7mm
Resolution15 μm
Lighting systemMulti-angle surrounding LED light source
Performance parameters
Inspecting contentsMissing parts, misalignment, tilted feet, virtual soldering, offset, pole reversal, tombstone,bridging, less tin, floating pins, bent pins, etc
Power requirementsAC220V±10%,50/60HZ,1.8kVA
Compressed air requirements4~6Kg/cm2
Operating systemWindows 10
External dimension1800mm(L) x 1170mm(W) x 1000mm(H)(Without light,monitor and keyboard)
Machine weightAbout  735KG
Enviromnment temperature5~35˚C
Absolute humidity25-80%RH4
Communiction methodStandard SMEMA Connection

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