Full Automatic YAMAHA Pick and Place Machine (YSM20) for PCB Prototype and SMT Assembly

Product DescriptionYamaha YSM20 PCB SMT Pick and Place Machine Brief: SMD, SMT Chip MounterDetails1. 290,000(0.05 SEC/CHIP) excellent mounting capacity, newly developed two-stage conveyor.2. 34kcph/m2

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Product Description

Yamaha YSM20 PCB SMT Pick and Place Machine 

Brief: SMD, SMT Chip Mounter

1. 290,000(0.05 SEC/CHIP) excellent mounting capacity, newly developed two-stage conveyor.

2. 34kcph/m2 is the wold's top area productivity, and the warld's first area productivity is 34000cph/m2.
3. Realize super large substrate L610xW460mm.
4. More than twice the production capacity of YsS12 (Mas. 72kcp/h), 1254mm in the same machine length as Ys12.
5. The double x-axis and the new two-stop conveyor system show the highest production efficiency.
6. The range of patch parts is 0402 ~ 32mm, Height 6.5mm.
7. Up to 120 8mm feeders can be loaded,96 feeders can be loaded when the trolley is used(SS electronic feeder).

8. X-axis adopts linear motor.

PCB Specifications
Applicable PCBL810×W490mm to L50×W50mm/t=0.4 ~ 3.0mm
Mounting Capability290,000CPH (0.20 sec./CHIP: Optimum conditions established by
Yamaha Motor)
Mounting AccuracyAbsolute accuracy (μ+3σ) :+/-0.05mm/CHIP
Repeatability (3σ) :+/-0.01mm/CHIP
Applicable Components0402 (Metric bases) to 31mm components (Height 6.5mm or less)
Component Types128 type (Max, 8mm tape reel conversion)
Power Supply3-Phase AC 200/208/220/240/380/400/416~200V, V± 10% 50/60Hz,4.8kVA
Air Supply Source0.45MPa
External imensionsL1,374 x W1,857 x H1,445mm (Excluding protrusions)
WeightApprox 2.100kgs

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