What are the components of the placement machine?

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The placement machine is actually a high-precision industrial robot. It is a high-tech achievement of electromechanical integration, photoelectric integration, and computer control technology. It realizes high-speed, high-precision, and intelligent electronic placement equipment. There are obvious differences in structure.

The movement method of the patch machine can be divided into a moving arm arch type and turning tower;

According to the degree of automation, it can be divided into semi -automatic manual, semi -automatic, and automatic paste.

According to the functions and speed of the patch machine, it can be divided into high -precision and multi -function patch machines (also known as pan -use machines, which mainly paste high accuracy, narrow spacing, large size and irregular devices) and high -speed chip machines (mainly mainly Put small components);

According to the position of the patch machine's material supply device and the number of stickers, it can be divided into large, small and medium -sized machines and model machines.


Although there are so many types of placement machines, their basic structure is the same

It generally consists of the following five parts:

1. Mechanical system, including mechanical casing, transmission system and servo positioning system. The mechanical shell is the skeleton and skin of the placement machine, which plays the role of support and protection. The transmission system is responsible for conveying the PCB. The servo positioning system supports the placement head to ensure its precise positioning and precise movement.

2. Detection and identification system, including identification system and various sensors. Identification systems identify PCBs, feeders and components. Various sensors detect the running status and data of the machine all the time.

3. Feeding equipment, supply the components required for the placement head, material name, placement position, suction position, feeding step and feeding angle and other key parameters.


Fourth, the placement head, which is the most critical component of the placement machine, accurately completes the pick-up and placement work.


5. Computer control system, the command center of the placement machine, like the human brain, records a large number of machine parameters, processes the signals of the identification equipment and each sensor, and controls the placement action of the placement machine according to the placement program.


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