Used Siplace ASM Pick and Place Machine Supply: D4, D2, D2I

Product DescriptionSiemens D2 PCB ASM Pick and Place Machine Brief: SMD, SMT Chip MounterDetails1. Gantries: 22. placement heads: 23. Realize super large substrate L610xW508mm.4. 01005 components: 12-

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Product Description

Siemens D2 PCB ASM Pick and Place Machine 

Brief: SMD, SMT Chip Mounter

1. Gantries: 2

2. placement heads: 2
3. Realize super large substrate L610xW508mm.
4. 01005 components: 12-nozzle collect&place heads
5. Supports both single conveyor and dual conveyor
6. Flexible head combinations to meet every need deeed

7. High-tech with and optimum price/performance ratio

PCB Specifications
Gantries2 pcs
Placement heads2 pcs
PCB formatL50×W50mm2 to L610×W508mm2
PCB thickness0.3×4.5mm2
PCB weightApprox 3 kgs
IPC Capability
Benchmark value
Theoretical value
Mounting AccuracyPlacement accuracy (μ+3σ) :+/-50mm/CHIP
Angular accuracy (3σ) :+/-0.025mm/CHIP
Conveyor typeSingle lane, Flexible dual lane
Conveyor modeAsynchronous - Synchronous
Component Spectrum01005 o 27x27mm2
Performanceup to 32.000 components/h
Pick up rate≥99,95%1
Camera5 Illumination levels
DPM rate≤5dpm2
Component120 type (Max, 8mm tape reel conversion)
Power Supply3-Phase AC 200/208/220/240/380/400/416V +/-10% 50/60Hz
Feeding Module typesTape feeder modeles, stick magazine feeders, bulk cases, dip modules,
 Application-specific OEM feeder modules
Feeding Capacity90 tracks with 3 x 8 mm S
External imensionsL1,054 x W1,240 x H1,250mm (Excluding protrusions)
WeightApprox 950kgs

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